Pussy and Rabbit

THERE ONCE was a RABBIT called Touch, Who wasn’t a real bunny as such, “My goodness me, it’s completely hands-free! I’ve never been pleasured so much!”

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TOUCH RABBIT is a slave to Pussy. Touch RABBIT adores Pussy and wants nothing more than to make Pussy happy. Touch RABBIT does this by sensing exactly what Pussy wants, by feeling it and then doing it. Automatically. No Questions. No hands required. Touch is a clever RABBIT. Touch senses what Pussy’s deepest desires are, and satisfies them fully. Again and again and again. Because Touch RABBIT adores Pussy. And Pussy REALLY loves Touch RABBIT.

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HANDS free? HOW?

TOUCH RABBIT works by having three touch-sensitive bands running along its body. As Pussy presses against Touch Rabbit, the bands sense it and vibrations of pleasure ripple through its body and into yours.

All Pussy has to do is TOUCH.